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click on each photo above for a larger full size photographAbout the L-133 and Leslie 125

The L-series Hammonds are overlooked by anyone who has a desire for "That Sound". However with the right tweaking, and a little personalization, these Hammonds can become a highly desirable instrument.

The L-133 is a Spinet Organ, therefore its only lacking in size. The sound generation is the same as any other Tonewheel Hammond, but on a smaller scale. These organs were considered the last of the great spinets before the radical change to the transistorized T-series. What the L-100 lacks in vibrato, due to an electronic phase-shift module, it redeems itself with a Dual-EL84 type output amplifier. This results in a smooth and mellow sound. I decided to take that potential one step further, and add an overdrive stage to the preamplifier. The result was a clean and crisp organ on one side, and a warm and gritty one the other.

I couldn't stop there, however. No Hammond is complete without the infamous rotating Leslie sound. My first Leslie encounter was the 125. Being the only one I've seen for quite a while, I quickly snatched it up. Now, I know that the 125 has a bad reputation for being slow, and having a single rotor, but I couldn't complain as it was worlds better than the stock output. The thing that makes this Leslie so special is the dual 6L6GT output tubes. This gives the Hammond a sound that rarely can be found anywhere else. The output is even and true, and is not afraid to be overdriven and fierce.

One of the "Toys" that my Hammond plays with is an Alesis MIDIverb III. This single-rackmount-sized effects processor allows me to experiment, and shape the sound in a new way. Selectable Reverb, Chorus, Flange, and Delay open whole new worlds of what I can achieve with the L-133.

I feel that for the time and effort that I put into this instrument, it gives me back everything that I could ever want, musically speaking. I have grown attached to each of its various settings and abilities, so much so that a console is overkill at the moment. This organ, granted with proper care and cleaning, will serve many years as one of the greats in my eye.

Nathan Wilcox
December 8, 2005

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Green Onions - performed on the Hammond H133 by Nathan Wilcox

Cellar Funk - performed on the Hammond L133 by Nathan Wilcox

Whiter Shade of Pale (VIDEO) - performed on the Hammond L133 by Nathan Wilcox

New Stereo recordings on the Hammond L-133 & Leslie 125:

Girl from Ipanema - performed on the Hammond L133/ Leslie 125 by Nathan Wilcox

Moosh Improv - performed on the Hammond L133/Leslie 125 by Nathan Wilcox

Come Sail Away - performed on the Hammond L133/Leslie 125 by Nathan Wilcox

Foreplay Longtime - performed on the Hammond L133/Leslie 125 by Nathan Wilcox

Jump - performed on the Hammond L133/Leslie 125 by Nathan Wilcox

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